Solve conflicts constructively –
Find the right way and “maintain bridges
What is mediation?

Mediation offers an out-of-court option for conflict resolution, which safeguards the future relationship of all parties to the conflict and aims at a “win-win solution”. In a mediation process, an impartial third party assists the disputing parties in resolving conflicts, using specialized communication and negotiation techniques. It ensures compliance with a fair procedure. The parties to the conflict remain in control of the process at all times, they act autonomously and independently.

Find the right communication path …

Mediation offers a solution / consensus / future-oriented opportunity to resolve conflicts constructively, taking into account the interests and needs of all those involved. In contrast to legal proceedings, a mediation process is faster, cheaper and more confidential. The solution achieved is not for one side and against the other, but aims to take the interests of both sides into account wherever possible.

Mediation strives to find the right way – towards each other!

  • between companies
  • between colleagues
  • within teams
  • between departments
  • between superiors and employees
  • in change processes in companies
  • with performance evaluations & ratings
  • in separation/ outplacement situations
  • between customer and client
  • etc.
  • Family matters
  • Separation / Divorce
  • Inheritance situations
  • Neighborhood conflicts
  • Conflicts in school / Kindergarten
  • Tenant – Landlord conflicts
  • Construction conflicts
  • etc.

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