Professional (Re-)Orientation – crisis and opportunity at the same time?

Having to let employees go is a difficult situation – for the company and the employees. No company likes to part with employees, but the economic environment sometimes simply leaves no alternative. Interview with Silke Anja Schramm, managing director of INDICIS CMC GmbH and new placement expert. Question: Ms. Schramm – the corona pandemic has […]

The renaissance of appreciation and adequacy?

A crisis situation like Corona triggers various visions of the future, in the currently very acute phase primarily disaster scenarios. Catastrophizing, black-and-white thinking and predictions of an unknown future are bad advisers in a crisis, rather than encouraging us, they paralyze us. The futurologist Matthias Horx offers a welcome mind-shift in his article „The world […]

… Speech is golden – Communicating properly a key to success

Successful communication in 1: 1 conversations Good communication is an important key to success, creates a harmonious coexistence and helps to avoid conflicts. To improve your communication and to be able to master difficult conversations calmly and successfully, a few basic and straightforward skills and techniques help – the effect you can achieve by using […]