Study direction and Career choice

based on interests – strengths – values

Finding Your Way
  • Which degree, which profession is right for me?
  • How well does the degree or the profession I am aiming for fit with my personality, my motivators and my skills?
  • How can I fill my career aspiration with life and reality?
  • How do I manage to earn enough money in my dream job to be able to live my life the way I want it in the future?

The compact workshop “Finding Your Way” provides answers to your most burning questions when choosing a career!

A fulfilling job is a huge piece of joie de vivre!


It is our goal to help you to gain clarity and security in important decision-making situations. After the workshop you will have clarity and a good overview of:

Your personality structure and behavioral preferences

How do I react when? Which behavior is easy for me, since it corresponds to my personality? Which behaviors might be more difficult for me, would I have to "train"?

Your values, interests and motivators

What is it that drives you? What is important to you? What do you really enjoy doing?

Your strengths, skills and knowledge

What are you really good at? Which strengths were used in your greatest successes to date?


Study – job – job interview!

You will get a lot of information and techniques from coaching practice that you can use again and again – in your studies, at work and in your private life!


The workshop is ideal for everyone who would like orientation with regard to their future professional direction – graduates / young people aged 16 and over.



in various cities all over Germany (Cologne / Düsseldorf / Berlin / Frankfurt / Munich) – please get in touch for information and appointments in your area!

We are happy to plan the date and location for your workshop with you (from a number of 4 participants)

A worthwhile investment in a sustainably happy future!

580.00 € per participant plus VAT.

(including individual coaching in the workshop, personality profiler, room rental, material)

Special offer 2021:

Bring your friends!

Are your friends also interested?

Talk to us about our partner- and group rates !!

Currently online and individually by appointment.

Silke Anja Schramm

Youth coach, business coach, mediator

Theresa Schramm

Limiting beliefs coach, business coach

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