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The team of experts for professional (re-)orientation, applications and career development

Security, Expertise, Optimism and Self-confidence for you in your career – right from the start!  The right person in the right job is a guarantee of success for companies and employees.

A job that is your own „calling“ is a huge part of your joy of life! One focus of our work is therefore on supporting professional re-orientation when changing careers, as well as targeted help with the career choice. To fully develop your own potential and to let it become visible is essential, both in the application process as well as in your professional career.

Let your own uniqueness shine – we’ll show you how!

Success and self-development in line with your own values are guarentees for quality of life!

Get to know us! We are there for you – wherever you need us, with many years of international experience and tailor-made solutions for you!

work with the pros!

The team of experts for professional (re-)orientation, applications and career development!


Whether it is a desire or a necessity – a re-orientation in the course of professional life is an exciting time. Even if it doesn’t seem like it:  A crisis situation can give rise to opportunities and ways that one has never seen before!

Often, however, it is not so easy to really know clearly what you actually want. Your life develops and changes – and so do your values and needs.  A carrer change is an ideal time to closely look at your current values and needs and to align your life in accordance with them!

We help you to find your optimal path and to implement it successfully and realistically. A structured step-by-step process brings you safely and clearly to your goal!

Find the path that is really right for you and quickly gain new courage in crisis situations!

  • Design of a professional resume
  • Creation of a „marketing plan“ for professional goal setting
  • Optimize application documents
  • Self-marketing
  • Well prepared and confident in the interview

The first impression is crucial in the application process. Your application is your ticket!

We help you with our expertise: pragmatically, fast and tailor-made for your needs with the preparation of your professional application and your step into a new professional future!

  • Which degree, which profession is right for me?
  • How well does the job I am targeting fit my personality, my motivators and my skills?
  • How can I fill my career aspiration with life and reality?
  • How do I manage to earn enough money in my dream job to be able to live my life the way I want in the future?

The compact workshop „Finding Your Way“ provides answers to your most burning questions when choosing a career!

A fulfilling job is a huge part of the joy of life!


Are you ready for change?

Leadership is a choice, not a formal title …

Leadership means taking responsibility and shaping the future!

A number of fundamental skills and principles form the basis for your success – clear values ​​and visions are like a compass that helps you to find the best path.

Leadership development and training improve managers‘ abilities to master the challenges of their position and to increase their effectiveness in business and personal life.

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Our Offer
Professional reorientation & application

Optimally prepared in the application process, optimistic and confident about the future! We support you in finding your dream job.


Self-confidence and sovereignty in the job: Free yourself from obstructive beliefs and trust in your abilities. Get to the heart of your strengths, values ​​and goals.

Career and leadership coaching

We help managers to master the challenges of their position and to increase their effectiveness. For more sovereignty and solution-oriented leadership.

Finding Your Way

The right job is a huge part of the joy of life! We help you to find the job / study that is ideal for you. Career choice based on interests, strengths and values.


The way you appear and communicate is crucial – whether in direct 1-to-1 discussions or moderating meetings.

Current Workshops & Seminars

Improve collaboration sustainably – Maximize success

Communication / Presentation & High Impact Speaking

Insights into mediation

Conflict management & Team dynamic

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