The renaissance of appreciation and adequacy?

A crisis situation like Corona triggers various visions of the future, in the currently very acute phase primarily disaster scenarios. Catastrophizing, black-and-white thinking and predictions of an unknown future are bad advisers in a crisis, rather than encouraging us, they paralyze us.
The futurologist Matthias Horx offers a welcome mind-shift in his article „The world after Corona“: with a retrospective on the crisis situation and its – not only negative – effects on societal thinking. It is an exciting experiment to ask yourself how societal thinking and action could change due to such a crisis.

I personally see a reversal from a currently prevailing black-and-white thinking and a one-sided discussion culture towards a perspective that considers the consequences of decisions for all sides. A debate about climate change is absolutely important, but our recommendations for action must not be at the expense of the economy and agriculture – without these two pillars we cannot survive crisis situations. Local production, local agriculture and a strong middle class maintain our economy and reduce our dependence on global supply chains. Large, financially strong corporations secure our economic strength and foster the much-needed research. The sometimes “demonized” chemistry once again proves to be a lifesaver – among other things in the form of urgently needed medicines.

I therefore see this crisis as an opportunity to return to mutual appreciation and to prudence in discussions and decisions:

  • Appreciation for local production and agriculture
  • Appreciation for the many small and medium-sized companies that secure our economy and infrastructure
  • Appreciation for corporations and economic financial strength
  • Appreciation for research and development

Perhaps due to this regained appreciation, one or the other hostility or criticism will be checked for its truthfulness before it is expressed? It would be nice, as Matthias Horx also writes, if sporting events are enjoyed as such again and not used for hostility.
Perhaps the public perspective will be sharpened again for individual contributions?
Perhaps in the future one or the other discussion will be conducted with more openness for the opposite side and one or the other decision will be made with more sense of proportion for the consequences elsewhere?

Wishful thinking?
Maybe…..but certainly a chance!
Think twice!

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