Mark McGregor

As a Canadian, now living in Switzerland,  I have my roots in the world of ice-hockey. I worked many years as a player, coach and manager for top teams in Germany and Switzerland. I also had the opportunity to work with Team Canada at six Spengler Cup tournaments.

Since 1999 I have worked full-time as a in-house trainer, coach and keynote-speaker. My education, a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Physical Education, at the University of Manitoba, provided an ideal foundation for my work today. I extended this with further education as a trainer and speaker in Australia and Canada.

Early on, I identified the link between high performance in sport and business and realized that there are many parallels between these two worlds. Drawing on my past experiences in professional sport, I share many personal examples and exciting real-life stories to make my sessions come alive.

My passion is leadership development. My mission is to help people see their potential so clearly that it makes a difference in their lives. My work includes coaching, team vision, motivation, high-performance, communication, psychology of winning and health and wellbeing. I believe that the development of leaders and leadership is the competitive advantage. The core of my philosophy is that leadership development is an inside-out process. It begins by defining clear values and creating a vision and mission on a personal level and that leads to effective leadership on a professional level.

High Performance Leadership

  • Principle centered leadership
  • Paradigm, paradigm-shifts and new behaviours
  • The MCCL-Model
  • “We are over-managed and under-led” – Bill Gates
  • Understanding the different roles of Manager, “Clienter”, Coach and Leader
  • Tribal Territorial Strategic Mapping
  • High Performance 1:1 coaching
    – seeing and developing potential
  • Being on Mission ( Based on the book “Being On Mission”)
    – principle centered leadership
    – internalizing and living ‘The 10 Principles of Leadership and Life’
    – self assessment and feedback

High Performance Teams

  • Developing effective and efficient teams by defining vision and values
  • Open communication and increasing trust
  • Team vision / values process
  • 10 habits of high performance teams
  • Creating trust and vulnerability

Psychology of Winning

  • Tools and techniques from professional athletes
  • The corporate athlete
  • Mental strength and mental training

The 100 Day Challenge / Energy Management

  • Manage your energy – not your time
  • Learning more about PQ (Physical Quotient)
  • Fitness, nutrition and health
  • Energy management
  • Proactive tips to vitality

Story Telling Seminar

  • Becoming a competent, strong, convincing and professional presenter
  • Learning to hook the audience in an emotional and intellectual way
  • Tips, techniques, practice and feedback
  • Change management and the art of storytelling

Mark McGregor Leadership Camps

Special camps in a special atmosphere! Are you looking for an exciting camp opportunity for the summer? These camps are a little different than ones you may have attended as a youngster. They are based on leadership training, discussion, personal effectiveness and more. Both camps offer top notch hospitality and experience and will have you ready to come back next year.
Our Kenora camps are 5 day programs during the summer months in the very special surroundings of Kenora, Canada! At “Stormbay” on Lake of the Woods, training, wellness and adventure can be bundled to a very special experience!
With our newly built seminar house in Inzell/Bavaria we have also opened our gates in Germany. Again in a gorgeous setting facing the alps, we offer a 3-day training program and we also rent out the center for individual company events.

Coaching And Education Background

1978-84 – University of Manitoba/Canada | Bachelor of Education | Bachelor of Physical Education
1989-90 – Success Motivation Institute, Melbourne, Australia
Management Training Program
1988-91 – Canadian Hockey-Association, Winnipeg, Manitoba
National-coach Certificate – Level 4


1992-98 – Coach, Hockey Club Herisau, Switzerland, National-League A
Two time Speaker of the Year, with Custom Learning Systems, Calgary, Alberta.
1999-present – Full-time Speaker and Trainer. Consistently rated as one of the top speakers at the St. Gallen Business School and the St. Gallen Management Institute. Topics are leadership and high-performance-teams. Also in-house trainer and keynote speaker with various national and international companies.
2004 – Opened Mark McGregor Leadership Center GMBH (Current CEO).
2010 – Opening of Leadership Camp Kenora, Canada.
All inclusive, week-long seminars with a unbeatable ambience!
2012 – Opening Leadership Camp in Inzell, Germany for in-house training and seminars.
2017– Created The ‘Being On Mission Institute’

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