Our Offer

  • Career coaching (individual coaching / team coaching)
  • Leadership- and Team development
  • Professional / private re-orientation
  • Accompanying of integration processes
  • Support of realignment and optimization processes in companies
  • New-placement support
  • Leadership & Change Management
  • Solution-oriented project management
  • Potential analysis, potential maximization
  • Enhancement of collaboration, communication and working atmosphere (individual)
  • Business- and private sector mediation
  • Conflict Management
  • De-escalation of conflict situations
  • Moderation of difficult negotiations / meetings
  • 1: 1 communication
  • Appraisal interviews
  • Team communication
  • Negotiation situations
  • Conflict communication
  • Moderations
  • Group discussions in the team
  • Panel discussions
  • Presentations
  • High impact speaking
  • Public speaking

Our goals

Unite teams and corporate cultures. Foster community and team spirit.

Achieve self-confidence. Overcome blocking mindsets. Gain clarity and balance.

Improve the working atmosphere and cooperation sustainably.

Turn professional changes and realignments into opportunities. Re-gain confidence.

Develop individual, pragmatic and goal-oriented solutions. Ensure success.

Enable personal growth.

Avoid conflicts. Solve conflicts.

Communicate convincingly, strongly and confidently. Let your voice be heard.

Accompany change processes. Enable inspiration and new perspectives.

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