is the key to success!

“Hit the right note” - Convince and inspire!

Whether it is in direct 1 to 1 discussions, moderating meetings, exchanging ideas in a team or in public appearances such as presentations, speeches and participation in discussion forums:

the way you act and communicate is crucial for your success!

We prepare you optimally!
We share with you our expertise in communication and presentation techniques based on coaching and mediation skills – a training program that gives you an incomparable advantage!

  • Negotiation technique
  • Target group analysis
  • Reasoning
  • Presentation structure and design
  • Powerful messaging (High Impact Speaking)
  • Style and Body language
  • Team dynamics and communication in team situations
  • Workshops and Seminars
  • Communication coaching: individual and team coaching
  • Sparring partner – individual preparation
  • Video analysis of 1: 1 conversations, employee interviews, group situation, presentations, speeches
  • Video analysis of expert speeches Moderation

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