Silke Anja Schramm

„I want to enable targeted, efficient progress – in an atmosphere of appreciative cooperation and in harmony with personal values. „

After many years in various managerial roles in an international company, I decided to take a new path and start my own company INDICIS CMC.
My decision was driven by 3 very strong wishes:

  • the desire to maximize productivity
  • the desire for positive, appreciative cooperation
  • the desire for an activity that is in line with my strengths, values and my life.

In the course of my career, I have seen many times how important opportunities went by, because individual interests undermined transparent exchange and team collaboration. Teams and individuals competed with each other in such a way, that the common goal – if one had been defined at all – was lost. In the end, not only does entrepreneurial success suffer, it also massively affects employee satisfaction and quality of life.
Job security is highly important and good, well-paid positions are rare – competition arises automatically. It seems impossible to evade this competitive attitude without endangering career and own safety.

While a certain degree of competition is inspiring and does increase outcomes, there is a tipping point: when it starts undermining cooperation and employee satisfaction results start to suffer.
The danger of getting into a “treadmill“ and not being able to see the own situation clearly anymore, is very high. Questions if the current job is still a good fit with own values, strengths and interests or if it is well aligned with the current situation and priorities in life, are hardly posed anymore.

It is therefore my wish to make a contribution by helping to improve cooperation in companies, on the one hand to achieve productivity and effectiveness and on the other hand to significantly improve the individual quality of life: by creating a positive and appreciative cooperation as well as by regaining or increasing individual clarity, balance and meaningfulness!

The focus of my professional career was for many years in the areas of marketing and communication in an international company.

I had the great opportunity to be active all over the world and to gain deep impressions and exciting experiences in a wide variety of countries and cultures. In addition to extensive business travel, I spent four years working overseas – a time that I would not want to miss.
I have many years of experience in leading international teams and integrating different corporate cultures.

Finding mutually profitable solutions in difficult negotiations, bringing together different mentalities and ways of thinking and creating a good working atmosphere is very important to me.

I am therefore pleased to be able to dedicate myself entirely to these topics with INDICIS CMC!

In my private time, I offer voluntary child and youth coaching in schools. It gives me great pleasure to help children and adolescents to find their way, to resolve their conflicts constructively and to offer them security and support in the sometimes very unsettling time of growing up.

I have certifications as a mediator, child and youth coach and ICF business coach.

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA), (Open University Business School, UK)
  • Certified ICF business coach
  • Certified mediator (business mediation / private sector mediation) (Wings Wismar)
  • Certified children and youth coach (Landsiedel Institute)
  • Communication trainer
  • Many years of management experience in complex, international corporate structures with personnel and P&L responsibility strong results orientation / strategic and analytical thinking / very good communication and presentation skills / marketing expertise personnel development and leadership strength
  • People-oriented, emphatic, dynamic, goal-oriented, reliable, positive
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